Honda 4 Stroke Knapsack Power Sprayer

Honda 4 Stroke Knapsack Power Sprayer is the perfect tool and perfect quality machine for applying pesticides for pest control, agriculture, and row crop farming. Knapsack sprayers are conventional and the most popular equipment to spray insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc.

HRJ196 Honda Lawn Mower

HRJ196 Honda Lawn Mower relive you from all the pain involved in cutting the grass manually. Honda lawn mower HRJ196 with advanced 4 stroke technology, super durability and longer life is ideal for Hotels, Resorts, Corporate and gardening contractors.

FJ500 Honda Power Tiller Weeder

FJ500 Honda Power Tiller Weeder is the new product in Honda power weeder segment. It is used to uproot weeds in fruit gardens, vegetable fields & floriculture. The weeds consume most nutrients from the soil resulting into poor quality of actual crops.

Honda Brush Cutter UMK435T

Honda Brush Cutter UMK435T is great at tackling those jobs which a mower can’t, a Honda Brush Cutter allows you to work through a full 360 degrees & are ideally suited to agriculture, horticulture, lawn/garden maintenance & landscaping sectors.

Honda Brush Cutter UMK450T

Honda Brush Cutter UMK450T is India’s 1st and only 2 HP 4 Stroke Brush Cutter . It is crafted for professional heavy duty users having usage of more than 1000 hours/year. Its 2 HP power and enhanced cutting attachments, its suitable for heavy duty De-weeding and fodder harvesting applications.

Honda EP1000 4 Stroke Portable Generator

Due to the Honda’s innovative technology, this new age Honda EP1000 4 Stroke Portable Generator is so silent that you might actually want to check if its on. In fact to make it a complete standby power source, every possible detail has been kept in mind while designing its features.

Honda F300 4 Stroke Petrol Tiller

Honda F300 4 Stroke Petrol Tiller provides complete weeding solution for horticulture farmers in vegetable fields, plantations of sugar cane, cotton, bananas, flowers and fruits. Also helps in farm & garden maintenance.

This 37 Kg tiller is has a powerful 4 Stroke, 1.5 kW advanced OHV GX80 engine.

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