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Vibra Design Block Making Machine

In this process highly flowing concrete is poured into the rubber moulds and compacted in vibro-forming vibrating tables. The moulds with green concrete. If getting 24 Hrs overflat plate. The wet tiles are kept in a controlled atmosphere for 3 days for gaining more strength. Attractive long - lasting faces can be formed with the colour pigment added. Regular grey concrete with next ecomomically with two layers. Polyurethane or varnish coating can be applied for better attractiveness and wear resistance. We can use these rubber moulds for more than 300 times after washing. The high slump face concrete mix is to be mixed in a seperate exclusive tile mixer. The base grey concrete mix can be mixed with another tile mixer or a rugular drum type concrete mixer.

The power consumption is 6 HP (3 HP x 2 Table). The Table weight is 650 kg Each.
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