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Hand Mixer (5/3 CFT Capacity) 5/3 H.F. (hand Feed) Concrete Mixer

The machine is very compact & handy. Hence gives better operating service. It is easier to carry the machine at various floor due to its light weight body. This machine is powered by 1 HP electric motor or can also be used manually.
Type Tilting
Capacity Unmixed in Litres/cft 180/5
Capacity Mixed in Litres/cft 100/3.5
Drum Speed R.P.M 14/16
Thickness of Drum Cone in Mm 3.15
Size of Drum Openingin Mm Individuality Renewable
Drum 350
  Prepared from Mild Steel
  Balance On Heavy Duty
  Housing & Rotate On A Fixed
  Shaft With Double Ball Bearing
Frame And Chassis Rigid All Steel Construction
Transmission 'v' Belt & Pulley
Powered by Hand Driven / Electric Motor
Steel Wheel In Mm 300 - 50
Approximate WeightOf Basic 160 Machine In Kg
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